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Guide to Keeneland

Beginners guide to Keeneland

Spending the day at Keeneland this April? We have a few tips for you! From what to wear, where to park, best locations for food + drink, let us guide you towards your best Keeneland Experience.

Where to park

FREE PARKING (everywhere that isn’t permit) 

Gate 1: This gate is at the intersection of Man ‘o War & Versailles Road. You will park on/near the hill which is all grass – beware on rainy days, perfect on sunshine days! If you parked far away from the track, you can catch a shuttle to the gates. Popular location for tailgates.

Gate 2: This gate is directly across from the airport tarmac, it has a light to help the flow of traffic. This gate has pavement parking and easier access to the track but is first-come-first-serve and fills up QUICKLY. Parking attendants will direct you.


Gate 2: if you have media pass or a specialty pass for an event (ex. Make-A-Wish, Horseman’s) – parking attendants will direct you   


Food + Drink 

You don’t have to be in the Phoenix Room or Clubhouse to have great food – Keeneland has great dining options all around the grounds.

Burgoo: Kentucky essential, especially if the weather is unseasonably chilly (it’s Kentucky – the only way to know the weather is step outside!) “Winner’s Circle Stand” 

Hot dogs: biased opinion – Keeneland has the best hotdogs in town. The best spot to get them is the first food stand in general admission on the left when you enter the track. Pro tip: ask for them to put nacho cheese on it!

Popcorn: Popcorn can typically be found with the ice cream - bottom floor all the way down past the finish line & the second floor if you’re facing the track it’s on your right 


What to Wear

 Keeneland is very strict about dress code and will not allow you entrance if you are breaking it. There are no exceptions. For the official rules, head to Keeneland’s website 

General Admission:

*The Grandstand faces the sun, remember your sunglasses! 

Ladies: Anything from jeans to dresses goes! Whatever your personal style is – rock it. You will be outside for the majority of the day so consider the weather when you dress (wear sunscreen)

Pro tip: If you’re tailgating in grass you can always bring heels for photos but actually wear flats when you’re out there! There is a shuttle from The Hill to the front gate

Gents: Jeans and a polo to khakis with a button up and sport coat – stay comfortable because you will be standing in the elements. If the sun is shining bright and hot, a sport coat could get very hot. 

Equestrian Bar:

You can be casual and there isn’t really a policy on any dress code


You cannot wear denim, rompers, shorts, tennis shoes, athletic wear, or revealing clothing

Ladies: Dress suits, dresses, skirts, dress slacks! Think business casual. This is a great time to pull out a new spring dress or your favorite dressy top.

Men: Suits/sport coats, dress pants, dress shirt and a TIE & SOCKS. You cannot wear khakis FYI.

Phoenix Room:

You cannot wear denim, rompers, shorts, tennis shoes, athletic wear, or revealing clothing

Ladies: Similar to clubhouse, business-casual type. You will be inside with your own seat and doing limited walking so feel free to break out the fun heels in the back of your closet! Flip-flops and tennis shoes are not allowed and they will deny you entrance

Men: Collared shirts, slacks or khakis and dress shoes (per Keeneland’s website, no jeans)

Lexington/Kentucky Room:

You cannot wear denim, rompers, shorts, tennis shoes, athletic wear, or revealing clothing

Women: Dress, pantsuit, skirt! No flip-flops

Men: Suit jacket and tie required, similar to the clubhouse (dress shoes and dress socks)

Owners Suites:  

Fancy. Ladies, this is a great time to buy a new dress or pull out your favorite spring cocktail dress from the depths of your closet! Men, you must have on a collard button up, a tie and jacket – you cannot leave the suite to go to the bathroom without a jacket on. There are zero exceptions.


We hope you enjoy this Keeneland April meet! Look for first 2YO’s from 6 Spendthrift stallions potentially hitting the track – Wicked Strong, Race Day, Palace, Normandy Invasion, Danza, and Medal Count. We will be following their progeny throughout the meet on our social media platforms

Tours are available throughout the spring meet and into July, come see us! All tours are booked with our friends at Horse Country




Autry of Team Spendthrift



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