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2019 Tours Available

Spendthrift Farm tours are now available for 2019!


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We are offering: 

Stallion Tours

Next Level: A Breeding Shed Experience 

About Stallion Tours:

As our guest, you will discover our state-of-the-art dual breeding shed, unlike any other in the Bluegrass, where more than 2, 700 mares walk through its doors during any given breeding season. Our famous Stallion U-barn dates back to Nashua, a legendary racehorse, and sire. Throughout the tour, you will learn about Spendthrift’s colorful founder, the larger than life Leslie Combs, who was known for both entertaining celebrity guests and revolutionizing the thoroughbred industry. You will also hear more on our current owner, B. Wayne Hughes, who has not only revitalized Spendthrift Farm but is an innovator throughout the industry, pioneering breeding programs that are rapidly changing and influencing the way business works. 

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About Next Level: A Breeding Shed Experience

Get a true next level experience at Spendthrift Farm in this intimate, and limited time opportunity! This time of year in the Bluegrass is all about the breeding, and now you can get a look inside the fascinating world of Thoroughbred mating and breeding, led by an expert.

Did you know, one of the things that differentiates Thoroughbreds from other breeds is the requirement of a “live cover”? That means every future racehorse can be traced back to a breeding shed. This tour offers the unique opportunity to learn about the history and current stallions at Spendthrift Farm. You will view a live cover and have the opportunity to ask questions after during a Q&A Session (with refreshments and snacks) following the tour.

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